We use ClearView Flex for our remote color grading sessions. Featuring real time, 10-bit color, and an encrypted video stream straight to your device. The stream is a direct feed out of our Baselight Color Grading System and has quickly become the industry standard for remote color.


How to join a session:

1. If viewing on a smartphone or tablet, please download the ClearView Flex app.

2. Shortly before the session, you will a receive an automated email from ClearView with your secure link. If you don't see the link, please check your spam/junk folder.

3. If viewing the session via the app, simply click on the link and enjoy your session.

4. If viewing the session via a compute browser, please use Google Chrome. It does not work in Safari, and is not fully functional in Firefox. 

5. We use Zoom for the audio portion of the session.