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1. What is the relationship between Nolo and Sarofsky?

Nolo and Sarofsky have collaborated on several projects over the past few years. When Nolo was looking to relocate from their previous location, they contacted Sarofsky about renting space at the Sarofsky Studio. As of May 1, 2023, Nolo's new location is at the Sarofsky Studio in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood. Nolo's new address is 1506 West Fulton Street, Suite 200 Chicago, IL 60607


Nolo's color staff remains the same, as do all email addresses and phone numbers. 

2. Who took over producing responsibilities?

Executive Producing partner Joe Flanagan retired from Nolo at the end of 2022. Taking over producing responsibilities from Joe are Executive Producer Steven Anderson and Head of Production Joel Singer. Steven can be reached at and Joel can be reached at Either of them can assist Nolo's clients with bids, scheduling, and other production needs. 

3. Why do they hold the same titles at Sarofsky?

While Nolo and Sarofsky remain separate entities, the owners of both companies thought sharing producing responsibilities across the two companies made sense. As such, both Steven and Joel retain their Sarofsky titles at Nolo.

4. What if I want to bid both Nolo and Sarofsky for a project?

While Nolo and Sarofsky both remain separate entities, should you want to engage both companies, you may still reach out to either Steven or Joel at either their Nolo or Sarofsky email addresses. In addition to Nolo's steller color capabilities, Sarofsky presents a full suite of additional offerings for Nolo's clients. Those offerings include: offline and online editorial, live-action, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, and VFX.

5. What is Nolo's new address?

6. Are in person color sessions still available?

In person color sessions are still available and welcomed! You can arrange in person sessions in advanced though Steven or Joel.

7. What happened to Joe?

On a crisp winter morning, Joe was refilling his backyard bird feeder in hopes of sighting the elusive hoary redpoll during it's migration south. Suddenly appearing overhead was not a bird, but an unidentified flying object!


According to a neighbor's Ring camera, Joe was taken up in a tractor beam at approximately 05:45 AM on January 3, 2023 and has not been returned.


If you or anyone you know has seen strange objects in the sky of Chicago's northern suburbs please contact the National UFO Reporting Center to file a report.

Just kidding! Executive Producer Joe happily retired at the end of 2022. On behalf of the entire Nolo team and all of our clients, we wish him the best on his next adventure! 

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