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Please include at least a workpicture and either an EDL, XML, or AAF for your project's color prep

See below for exporting EDLs

XMLs may include multiple video layers 

AAFs are used on Avid projects when we receive and work with consolidated media


Please export a 1920x1080 h.264 workpicture for each video

A separate video with filename and timecode burn-ins is always appreciated, but not necessary

Production drives are usually preferred, but our FTP can be used to deliver prep and source video files

If you have access to production LUTs, please include them with your prep

On larger projects, Premiere project files can be helpful to have as backup for color prep

How to Export an EDL

1. Create a copy of your picture-locked timeline so that you can safely make changes for color prep.


2. Delete all of your audio events and filter effects, but you may leave timing effects and repositions.

3. Try to condense all your video layers into just one layer. If you must have multiple, please export a separate EDL for each layer, or you can offset the additional layers further down your timeline. 


4.Export as a CMX3600 EDL.

Premiere EDL settings
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